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Pursuing a career as a business analyst can be very rewarding. Far from boring, the career of a business analyst can span a variety of roles often leading to a continuous climb up the corporate ladder.

Let's take a quick glance at some of the different types of business analysts

IT/Digital Analyst

The IT Business Analyst mainly carries out activities such as requirements elicitation/analysis and solving problems using information technology solutions. The IT Business Analyst bridges the gap between technology solutions and the wider business.

Average Salary: £30,416 - £50,000

Business Systems Analyst

Another evolving specialist role, the systems analyst focuses on system specific requirements. The systems analyst has a broad knowledge in a particular domain and is seen as experts in documenting systems analysis, providing more insight into a product/application’s technical architecture

Average Salary: £40,000 - £60,000*

Process Analyst

More of a specialist role, the business process analyst is mostly associated with process mapping, design and/or re-engineering. Another buzz term often linked to this roles is business process modelling. With a keen focus on mapping out 'As-Is' and 'To-Be'processes, the business process analyst compares both states with a view to identifying potential 'gaps. Business process analysts can branch of and pursue further careers in 'Continuous Improvement' or 'Business Architecture'

Average Salary: £35,416 - £50,000*

Business Architect

A business architect is a high level role focusing on delivering a company or organisations's operating model. With a view to creating more efficient work streams, this type of analyst focuses on finding root causes and offering solutions.

Average Salary: £51,000 - £75,000*

While the earning potential of a business analyst depends on experience, as with most other careers, the potential for growth knows no boundaries. Business analysts work in a wide variety of sectors ranging from public to manufacturing.

As seen above ,a business analyst within a commercial organisation could expect a basic salary of £35,000-£65,000 in a permanent role and £300-£500 per day for contract roles.

*Salary figures from

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